Alpinestars Tech-Air Airbag System Review

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After more than 10 years development Alpinestars first … put a completely stand-alone airbag vest on the market. And it is a vest that is available in two different versions. One for road use and one for racing use. Well the advantages of a stand-alone vest is that no connection has to be with the engine. And that you could step on any engine and can also switch to another engine … without having to connect yourself again. There’s also no GPS connection, so everything is in the vest. And you will also need to be afraid that the vest example, has no connection … but he just always works. The vest comes in a box, the idea of ​​Airbag Vest Alpinestars is that you buy the loose vest. And also can buy different products that you can integrate into the vest.

Well if we open the box. We see that the air bag is placed in a back protector. You wear it as a back protector, it’s a jacket you vastritst in a jacket or a suit … and is activated in this way. And it works only with a jacket or a product suitable for the airbag system. In all Alpinestars Tech Air-ready products is a cable, you can click in the airbag system. And the system is working right. It is truly plug and play. in the system itself or various sensors. And there are three speed sensors, of which one is in the center console.

And one on the right and one on the left. In the back protector also includes a gyroscope, which measures the angle of inclination. Together these sensors continuously calculate what is your position on the bike. And if an accident is about to happen. There are several situations in which the air bag will bring himself to activation. That is a collision, an accident or possibly a unilateral crash. In addition, the system is fully CE certified. And may even be transported by plane, so you can him even if you take for example … once going to do a track day. As I said in the beginning you have a racing version and a street version. And of course, the race version especially designed for sporting use. And they call the airbag racing vest. And the street version is called the street. Well the advantage of racing vest is that you can put him in two configurations. If you drive circuit you leave it on race.

But if you want to ride a sport bike or a wetsuit on the street. Then you can connect the system to the computer and then you can convert it to street software. For it is true that happen in a circuit is often different types of crashes, than on the street. And if you do him much less than that the airbag can not crash before properly detect on race. After 10 years of running tests on the track, along with the professional MotoGP riders, … Alpinestars has collected a lot of information. And know the vest pocket very carefully what is going to happen and whether you possibly … involved in an accident.

Meanwhile, it is true that at the MotoGP races it is compulsory for the drivers to drive an airbag. Well, we have different airbag suppliers, but Alpinestars is the case that the airbag-vest … what you really are buying the exact same is true MotoGP riders also ride. It is only for you equally important if you’m so late on the race setting or on the street setting. The battery lasts for 25 hours of use when it is fully charged. And after 6 pm which is again fully charged for. How ‘m can mount that is with zippers on the jacket and various pieces of Velcro.

It is here at the top at the shoulders and around the vest, all kinds of loops and Velcro … that you him to fasten the jacket. And we will show Justin. Mounting the vest is very simple, as I said, there are different types of products. And we actually see in the new collections which Alpinestars comes with more and more items … which airbag compatible. So there are now touring jackets, but also an urban jacket and you can really such a vest in …

Virtually all type of engine mount coats. What you do is, you take the Velcro strip. And there are six attachment points. When coming out of the box it is important for you to get off, otherwise not naturally stick. And it is nice to say that this is the racing vest which we combine with a racing suit. Can you do it with a leather jacket and it has the ability to 2 times to activation … to move from the airbag.

That is, if for example, you are driving on the track with a suit and you’re in the middle of a race. That if you lower it that can activate the airbag system, but if you can drive well again. You can step further can drive. And the airbag may occur if there is again something again can come to activation. You put the vest … in the suit or jacket. There are also a kidney belt on, as we are used to a normal back protector. Out of all the Alpinestars compatible products has a cable out of the inner liner at the back. And you clicks the airbag and you turn the switch on.

And then that same asset are capitalized. What is important is that the airbag system itself must also know that it is in a motorcycle jacket. And therefore there are two sensors that when they come together, and certainly in the street jackets, … it is combined with a zipper. The airbag system knows that when the zipper is closed, that he has to activate itself. And as the zipper of the suit will then open, then it goes out by itself. And can also nothing strange happen when you step off the engine.

Well it is important that the airbagpak is positioned properly. And everywhere we see Velcro strips back where we all can stick to secure the vest. And then on the inside yellow zippers, very recognizable and zips up securely. And on the other side. And then airbagpak is ready to use. Then sit here in this Velcro strips, a sensor. And if this sensor comes into contact with each other than would indicate the airbag system … I’m in the suit and go trigger myself. And then you will see the battery status. In this way, the airbag vest integrated with the suit and it’s time for Justin to suit … attract so we can show you what happens when the airbag system is activated. Meanwhile, Justin has attracted a racing suit with an airbag vest underneath. And we see here on his chest that the detection magnets are closed …

Which is to say that the airbag is active. Well you go in a race airbag then opens automatically and shows that that is the engine. And can also detect a crash. Well Justin, you want to do your suit closed. Because we simulate a crash, before we have a computer connected to the airbag. And then you can see clearly what is happening is activated when the airbag. After the airbag system has detected that will happen accident.

It takes between 25 and 45 milliseconds, before the air bag system is itself fully inflated. Well then, the airbag system remains on for 5 seconds at 100% hardness. And walks slowly empty. Are you ready for Justin? Yes. 3 2 1 Well as you can see, the airbag system is now fully inflated. Around the chest, around the waist and shoulders above we see that really is fully inflated. And that’s hard. It is in these places blown up and we see on the back and on the side that all Justin … limbs that must be protected also be fully protected by the airbag. He walks here underneath all the way down and the street version will still little further through … and also to protect your kidneys further. Also at your back which runs far below your tailbone and is on the way … thus protected up to a crash.

If you now find themselves in a situation where the airbag is actually needed … and is thus activated. Then you can return the airbag system for Alpinestars, then they can simply … renew or replace cartridges. And then you get the air bag system again completely 100% controlled working back home, so you ‘m … just might use it again. That is, the airbag system need not be thrown away after the first time is gone. So keep in mind that the street airbag system has more volume and thereby cause both patterns …

Are fired at one time. And using the race system by activating one pattern. What is also important is that the system 1 once every 2 years late serviced by Alpinestars. If you purchase an airbag system than that recorded in the computer with Alpinestars. We then enter your customer data and link the ID number of the airbag to your personal data. You also get a software to, so you can hang the airbag computer at home …

status to see it. And the racing version so you’ll be able to bring home from your computer … convert the software from race to road. Are you trying to learn more about an airbag system, you want to fit a one time or do you want him to order? Then it is of course one of our stores or at our webshop. Want to keep everything does Motorcycle Center informed? Follow us on Facebook, Instagram or subscribe to our YouTube channel. And did you find this video helpful? Click on the thumb-up. I’m Mark from MotorKledingCenterTV. Thanks for looking..


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