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Memoir ’44

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17 historical scenarios
Easy to learn and fast-paced
Historical World War II game

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Memoir ’44 is a unique historical game from Days of Wonder where players command a horde of little plastic Army men facing-off in dozens of WWII battles on an oversize hex game board. Each and every battle scenario mimics the historical terrain, troop placements and objectives of Each and every army. Deploying forces through a lot of Command cards, the smart commander uses the unique skills of his units to their greatest strength. Easy to be told and fast-paced, Memoir ’44 requites strategic card play, timely dice rolling and an aggressive, yet flexible battle plan to reach victory. There are 17 unique historical scenarios, including a monster-size double-board version of Omaha Beach. The sport has a double-sided, three section board map of the battlefield, featuring beach landings and countryside terrain. There are 44 lavishly painted double-sided terrain hexes, in conjunction with the 3D miniatures and obstacles to head on them. Also included are 60 Command cards, including 20 WWII Tactics cards and 40 troop movement Section cards, and two Army bags of incredibly detailed miniatures. You also get a cardholder to share together with your “command body of workers” and a few time-saving Terrain summary cards.
17 historical scenarios
Easy to be told and fast-paced
Historical World War II game